Different Uses for Mylar Emergency Blankets

Posted: 18th July 2013 by admin in Survival Info
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In 1963 NASA was looking for a lightweight product that would insulate, and hold heat very little loss. Since then Mylar blankets have been used on every space mission since the mid-60′s. Mylar blankets lined the bottom of the Apollo lunar lander vehicles and is still used today in satellites, and the space station.

Mylar blankets have many other uses. Hiking, hunting, camping, and boating have become a mainstay for mylar blanket. The prepper and survival and people all seem to love it as well. The blanket can be used for warmth, a signaling device, sleeping bag, collect water, create shade & shelter plus many other uses.

Mylar blankets retain 80-90% of your body heat and since they’re so compact & lightweight, they fit easily into even the smallest bug out bag, 72-hour survival kits, and in your truck’s glove box.

If you’re out hunting, hiking, or camping, the mylar emergency blanket will make a great shelter. It will keep rain off of you and your warmth in. You can use the emergency blanket to make a simple shelter in the woods with a little para-cord.

Signaling Device
Emergency blankets are a large reflective surface. They reflect out 99% of light rays making them a great signaling device for airplanes, and people to see from far away.

Collecting Rainwater
Mylar emergency blankets are waterproof and do a great job holding and collecting moisture from rain or morning dew. You can shape the blanket to collect or re-direct water for use or storage.

Fire Starter
Since emergency blankets reflect 99% of light rays and the heat they create. Perfect for a fire starters. Make a hole shaped like a bowl. Line the hole with the emergency blanket putting the reflective side up. Place some small, dry, easy to start materials in the middle of the hole and angle the blanket to concentrates its light into your fire starting materials. The concentration from the bowl shape will magnify the sun’s light to ignite the fire.

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