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Mountain House #10 Can - Eggs with Butter (30431)

Product code#: 30431

Product Description

Eggs are of such nutritional value that Mountain House #10 Can Eggs with Butter can almost be considered a modern day survival guide staple. As a camping, backpacking or emergency food, there’s almost nothing better than Mountain House #10 Can Eggs with Butter. With the longest freeze dried shelf life on the market, these uncooked whole eggs are ready for you whenever you need them. You can cook them as a meal on their own, or use them in recipes to add in real egg taste and texture.

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Mountain House #10 Can - Eggs with Butter (30431)

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Eggs are a staple in many people’s homes, and with this great product from Mountain House, you won’t have to give that up if you’re ever faced with an emergency.  This one can contains 38 ½ cap servings, making it perfect for families or large groups.  You’ll love being able to whip up real scrambled eggs, with butter flavoring, quickly and easily no matter what type of situation you’re in.

With only about 80 calories per serving, these little wonders have only 5 grams of fat, but pack in 6 grams of protein and include 9 essential amino acids. There are plenty of great nutrients in each serving of these eggs to keep you feeling strong and healthy for hours.  They are perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner, and are very easy to prepare.  Simply add cold water, whip and cook.  Soon, you’ll be enjoying great tasting scrambled eggs!

With a shelf life of 25 years, you can keep these eggs around for whenever you need them.  Whether your food stockpile is intended for emergencies only, or you occasionally dip into them when you’re running low on other foods, these eggs will make a perfect addition.  

Egg Mix Butter Flavored

One can contains 38 1/2 cup servings.

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